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Just a short drive from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Alfresco creates the landscapes clients have always dreamed of. Owner Paul Burd and his design team combine unique vision, dedication to craft and exemplary service to help home and property owners achieve the beautiful landscaping design results they’ve always wanted but never thought was possible. The goal is to provide every client with the highest quality landscaping design available in West Michigan through inventive solutions and relational customer care.


For over 20 years, Paul Burd and his team have designed, installed, and maintained gorgeous landscapes throughout the Grand Rapids and West Michigan area. Paul studied horticulture and landscape architecture at Michigan State University, and was honored to design for Frederick Meijer Gardens after graduating, where he continued to hone his craft. Having co-owned several landscaping businesses in the past, Paul is now the sole owner of Alfresco, where his team conceptualizes and designs every one of the company’s acclaimed signature designs. Alfresco endeavors to create spaces that reflect the unique personalities of the clients, and take advantage of the natural beauty of the environment. Paul’s dedication results in landscapes that bear Alfresco’s distinct mark as evidently as an artist’s signature.


The vision and experience of the Alfresco designers gives them the unique ability to truly evaluate the potential of any outdoor space. They use that knowledge to achieve results that both reveal and enhance the natural beauty that lies just below the surface. A personable team that is always more than happy to detail any aspect of the process to clients and their passion for craft has helped develop a well-earned reputation for being experts you can trust.

Highest Quality

Clients can be assured when working with Alfresco, they will receive nothing less than the finest service available in the area. We deliver premium level landscape design service that clients have come to expect by embracing nature, expertly maintaining trees, shrubs, and flowerbeds to help accentuate the natural beauty inherent within a given area. By hiring landscaping professionals that know how to properly install plants and materials with expertise, we ensure that your landscaping design project is handled with the attention to detail and high-level of care that it deserves.

Rest Assured

Alfresco has the capabilities to utterly transform your outdoor living space, creating environments that finally match the expectations for what you always thought they could be. We understand that different clients require different results from their outdoor living spaces: some want a warm, inviting space for entertaining guests, hosting dinners, and other outdoor activities; others desire a more secluded area that allows them to escape and enjoy the peaceful serenity of nature. Whatever your specific needs may be, Alfresco can help you achieve them.

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