Tips To Avoid Common Summer Landscaping Maintenance Problems

landscaping maintenance

Spring Into Action

With spring fast approaching, many people start to evaluate their existing landscapes and start looking closely at how they’re maintained and what landscaping maintenance needs to be done now. It’s almost time to spring into action; and if you take care of some things sooner, it will mean less work later.

How about eliminating that Saturday afternoon spent pulling weeds? We recommend applying a pre-emergent herbicide in mid-spring, which prevents new weeds from germinating. Applying the correct type of herbicide at the right time of year is crucial for saving you hours of tedious, backbreaking work during the summer months.

In addition to using chemicals to attack weeds, applying a fresh layer of mulch on an annual basis will help choke them out. Not only does mulching help prevent weeds, it also adds to your landscape’s aesthetics. Bark mulch is much more than decorative, as it’s also beneficial for plants. Bark helps retain moisture in the soil, which means less watering. It also breaks down into organic matter, creating food for your plants and requiring less fertilization in the process.

Another way to save time in the yard is by using a slow release fertilizer in the spring. This type of fertilizer will usually last up to three months, which means two applications should get you through the season.

How do the areas between the landscape beds and lawn look in your yard? These edges should present a neat and clean appearance and frame the planting area. Keeping these edges maintained by cutting a new edge or lifting and raising your edging in the spring inhibits the adjoining turf grass from creeping out of bounds.

Keep all of these tips in mind as spring approaches. We know maintaining a landscape requires a lot of work; but if you take action now, you can enjoy your yard more later on.