4 Key Benefits of Investing in Professional Landscape Design



Deciding to invest in a professional landscape designer vs doing it yourself can be a difficult decision. You may have previous experience installing a path with gravel or landscaping stones, building a retaining wall, or even adding a landscaping berm. But a whole backyard? That can be a little intimidating.

So, is hiring a professional landscape designer really worth the investment? Unfortunately the answer to that question varies from property to property.

Have no fear! After reading this article, you’ll be able to determine if hiring a professional is right for your home.

Here are four key benefits of hiring a landscape designer that you should consider.

 Timeless Curb Appeal


Our front yards serve as a welcome mat to our homes. You can create a more inviting environment through landscape design. This addition will make your home more identifiable and memorable. Timeless curb appeal also helps to increase appraisal value, or, it can help ensure your house sells quickly if you decide to put it on the market.


Dedicated Social Spaces

Our homes serve as a place to reunite with family and friends. New experiences unfold when you expand your living space beyond the boundaries of your walls.
A dedicated outdoor living space adds a place to relax over iced tea with a friend or to share dinner fresh off the grill with family.

Better Utilization of Space

Even without guests, an outdoor living space builds a new place for you to unwind. Time spent outdoors is never wasted. Sit back with a book, enjoy the sunshine on your face, and the breeze unfiltered by window screens.
Our homes do not need to be defined by foundations alone.

Increased Home Value

As we previously mentioned, investing in a professionally designed landscape can really pay off when it comes time to appraise and sell your home. When you hire a professional designer, you are ensuring that your landscaping is up to code, is ADA compliant (where necessary), and the overall layout and design prevents any unforeseen damages to the home, such as poor drainage or runoffs. 

Expanding your home improvement beyond walls is a benefit that keeps giving.

We deserve to enjoy our homes outside as well as in. To take advantage of all your overlooked outdoor living space, call 616 453 2530 to speak to a professional at Alfresco about a free landscape design consultation.