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The Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Falling leaves and cooler temperatures aren’t the only signs of the changing seasons. As the days get shorter, the amount of natural light decreases leaving even the sunniest homes darker and in the shadows. The fall is the perfect time to add a low voltage, energy efficient landscape lighting system to your home. It serves so […]

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What are Ground Cover Plants?

Groundcovers serve many purposes in a landscape. You may wonder what exactly is a groundcover? The definition of a groundcover plant is “an  herbaceous, perennial plant that is less than 12” tall.” There are several groundcover choices that spread at a steady pace and don’t choke out other plants. Some groundcovers that have better manners include Pachysandra, Myrtle […]

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Curb Appeal Matters

  As the home market continues to grow, today’s buyers have more to choose from in the way of inventory. Any home that’s up for sale must make a positive first impression to would-be buyers, so curb appeal matters now more than ever. Exterior remodeling projects typically deliver the greatest return-on-investment to home sellers. The […]

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Native and Hardy Plant Species Bring In the Birds

If you are a nature lover and enjoy watching birds come visit your home, I am sure you encourage them by filling a bird bath or bird feeder. You can also help birds and all other forms of wildlife by selecting drought tolerant, native, and hardy plant species. Plants native and hardy to the soils […]

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Hydrangeas: To Prune Or Not To Prune?

It’s a question we get asked all the time. Unfortunately, it’s a question that’s not easily answered. First  of all, it’s very important to know what kind of hydrangea you have before pruning. If pruned at the wrong time, chances are they won’t bloom in the current or following season. All hydrangeas can be put […]

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Edible Ornamental Plants to Add to Your Garden

While growing your own food has become trendy in recent years, vegetable gardens often lack the level of aesthetics found in ornamental landscape beds. Plus, vegetable gardens can take up a lot of valuable space and are usually away from the house. We say marry the two by incorporating veggies and herbs closer to your […]

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Tips To Avoid Common Summer Landscaping Maintenance Problems

Spring Into Action With spring fast approaching, many people start to evaluate their existing landscapes and start looking closely at how they’re maintained and what landscaping maintenance needs to be done now. It’s almost time to spring into action; and if you take care of some things sooner, it will mean less work later. How […]

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Why Winter Is The Best Time For Pruning

It may be hard to believe when you look outside your window, but spring is just around the corner. As the ice and snow melts and the temperatures begin to rise, some of your landscape’s trees and plants will need pruning in order to look their best. Plants maintained by proper pruning will produce more […]

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How to Grow Flowers Native to Michigan

Planting native flowers in your landscape is a great way to beautify in a way that is distinctly Michigan. By integrating plant life that is from the area, you can create a greater continuity within your landscape. Native plants also thrive in a way imported plants might not, due to their origin in the area. […]

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What Water Features are Right for Me?

There are as many different kinds of water features as there are landscapes that can house them. While the variety of features gives you an almost endless amount of choices, the vast amount of options available can be overwhelming. There’s no one right water feature answer for any given landscape; but by considering aspects of […]

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