Curb Appeal Matters



As the home market continues to grow, today’s buyers have more to choose from in the way of inventory. Any home that’s up for sale must make a positive first impression to would-be buyers, so curb appeal matters now more than ever. Exterior remodeling projects typically deliver the greatest return-on-investment to home sellers. The resale value of any remodeling project will depend on a variety of factors, such as a home’s location, its overall condition, the quality of the surrounding properties, and regional economic circumstances.

Keep in mind that people aren’t just buying the house itself, but also the landscape. Here are a few things to think about when assessing your home’s landscape. Are there shade trees on your property? Trees like maples and oaks can decrease your summer cooling costs, create a nice space for relaxation and increase your property value up to 15 percent. Ornamental and flowering trees, such as Japanese maples, flowering cherries and dogwoods are also desirable. What about your shrubs? Are they planted in the right place? Are your plants well cared for? Have they been pruned at the proper time and in a proper way? When it comes to your property’s plants, their health is just as important as their presence.

There is much more to consider besides plants. What about your property’s contours? Does water run away or towards your house? Is your property flat? Contours add character to a landscape. Is there an irrigation system? Sprinklers are a big plus for gardens and lawns. What about the circulation pattern to enter your home? Is it clear where people should park or enter the home? Are the driveways, patios and walkways in good condition? There are many factors to consider when evaluating your home’s landscape. If you are concerned and would like input from one of our talented landscape professionals, please call Alfresco Landscapes today. We will be more than happy to meet you at your home and discuss landscape options.