3 Ways Great Lawn Service Can Get You Top-Dollar For Your Home

As the home market continues to grow, today’s buyers have more to choose from in the way of inventory. Any home that’s up for sale must make a positive first impression to would-be buyers, making curb appeal more important than ever when trying to sell. Exterior remodeling projects typically deliver the greatest return-on-investment to home sellers, because people aren’t just buying the house itself: they’re also buying the landscape. We’ve listed 3 of the essential ways a professional lawn servicing company can help you earn the most profit when selling your home this season:

upgrade your home's value

1. Planting & Maintaining Trees

The benefits of having your lawn care provider plant and maintain trees on your property are endless, from the money savings to the environmental factors. Shade trees like maples and oaks can decrease your summer cooling costs by up to $250 a year, and reduce winter heating costs by acting as windbreakers. Trees of all kinds also block and absorb water runoff, and absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. You can calculate an approximate value of the tree’s currently on your lawn by using this tool.

Even trees that are merely ornamental increase your property value up to 15 percent, and can increase the value of your neighbor’s property. Aesthetic and flowering trees, such as Japanese maples, flowering cherries, and dogwoods are all desirable for an engaging landscape.

Tips to Upgrade Your Home's Value

2. Incorporating Native Plants

Emphasis on the word “native”. A study by Applied Ecological Services Inc., a Wisconsin ecological consultancy, shows that maintaining an acre of native plants over 20 years costs $3,000, compared with the whopping $20,000 price tag of maintaining a lawn of non-native turf grass. There’s a slow but steady increase in buyers seeking these wildlife-certified properties, making them more requested by lawn care clients everywhere.

Your lawn service professional can assess your property to see what local plants are best for your landscape. They’ll know where to plant, when to plant, and how many to plant, as well as how to take care of your new flora. Having plants pruned and checked at the proper time and in a specific manner not only maintains their presence, but also the health of the plants.

Improve Your Home's Value

3. Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting consistently tops the National Association of Home Builders’ (NAHB) list of most wanted outdoor features in its annual “What Home Buyers Really Want” survey: 41% rate it “essential” while 49% say it’s “desirable.” Most lawn care and landscape service providers can give you tips on where lighting will be most beneficial on your property, and can seamlessly install your new lighting for you.


Below are some of the non-essential (but still desirable) landscape additions your lawn service procan implement:

  • Fencing and block or brick privacy walls can add anywhere from $1500 to $5000 worth of value to your home.
  • Irrigation systems and sprinklers are a big plus for maintaining gardens and lawns.
  • Driveways, patios and walkways should be in good condition to make access to the house easier, and add to the curb appeal of the property.
  • Retaining walls and terracing control erosion, and instantly add texture and interest to any landscape when done correctly.

There are many factors to consider when trying to get a top-dollar return on your home investment. For more advice from one of our talented lawn care and landscaping professionals, call Alfresco Landscapes today at 616 453 2530. We would be more than happy to meet you at your home and discuss your landscape options.


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