What Sets Alfresco Apart From Other Landscaping Companies?

Coordinating a large landscape design project is no easy task. You want to be sure that your landscaping company completely understands your creative vision, and has the capacity to bring that vision to life. Not to mention, staying on top of key details such as budget, maintenance, and much more. While there is no shortage of landscaping companies in Grand Rapids to choose from, how do you know you’re choosing the right one? To help you in your research, we’ve provide 4 key reasons why you should be considering Alfresco Landscapes.

4 Key Features That Set Us Apart:

1. A Degree in Landscape Design

Landscape designers tend to have a horticulture background or nursery experience, but Alfresco owner, Paul Burd, has some of the best credentials in the industry. Paul studied horticulture and landscape architecture at Michigan State University whose Horticulture Department is known throughout the world for its excellence. Degrees from accredited landscape design colleges and memberships in professional organizations are both good indicators of a Landscape Designer’s credibility and experience.

2. Full-Service Landscaping, Lawn Care, Snow Removal, & More

Most landscape companies fall into one of two categories; designer or builder. Designers are great at creatively utilizing space, but might fall short on other important services such as maintenance and upkeep. Builders are more of the lawn maintenance crew variety. They will get the job done, but the end result doesn’t quite give you that “wow factor” you were looking for. 

Alfresco, on the other hand, will offer all the above, plus oversee ongoing maintenance. Whether you’re seeking exterior lighting or an outdoor kitchen design, Alfresco will take your project from just a concept to an elegant outdoor living space. By also offering services such as fall/ spring clean up and snow removal, we can ensure that your landscape design investment remains intact. 

For a sneak peek at our design process, check out a few of Paul’s residential landscape designs.

3. An Extensive Portfolio That Proves We Deliver

After graduating from Michigan State, Paul Burd was honored to design for the Frederick Meijer Garden and Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids. Through that experience and years of owning his own landscape company, he has mastered his craft in creating spaces that reflect the unique personalities of his clients. Paul’s vision and experience give him the unique ability to truly evaluate the potential of any outdoor space. So even if our portfolio doesn’t include the particular style you’re looking for, we have the skills and experience to make your vision a reality.  


4. Local to Grand Rapids

For over 20 years, Alfresco has designed, installed, and maintained residential landscapes throughout the Grand Rapids and West Michigan area. A way to ensure that you get the best ideas and service is to promote numerous meetings to discuss and review possibilities and concepts. By working with a local landscaping company you will reduce travel time and response time in project planning and management.

So if you have a landscape project bubbling up in your imagination, contact us to help you develop and refine your ideas into an actionable plan so you can start living outside your living room. And for a limited time only, you can request a free demo for your own outdoor living space design.

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