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Landscape Construction

In the construction phase of Alfresco service, our team of experts begins to actualize the plans made during the landscape design process. We shape and mold the area, accentuating natural aspects that were previously obscured while creating new elements from the ground up. By installing components like retaining walls and walkways that make your landscape more aesthetically pleasing while also enhancing the overall functionality of the space, we are able to start bringing your landscaping dream to life. Our crew works diligently to provide the best landscape construction service available in West Michigan, and takes great care to achieve unmatched results while respecting your home and your property.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls act as both attractive landscape features and as functional support systems within your property. Alfresco’s team of construction experts have extensive experience building high-quality retaining walls that are incredibly durable while also possessing a pleasing appearance. We use only the best materials when assembling our retaining walls, and we make sure those materials are in line with all other landscape features in order to maintain continuity. Retaining walls also serve as great opportunities for incorporating further plantings within your landscape. For example, a multitier retaining wall configuration can feature new varieties of flowers at every level, creating a gorgeous scene that engages the eye. Erosion is always something to keep an eye on; our retaining walls help keep your land in place, and look great doing it.

Boulder Retaining Walls

We offer boulder retaining walls to our clients for several reasons. Boulders can create a more appealing end product for those who want to maintain a natural look for their landscape; they lend your property a more natural appearance than cut stone blocks; they tend to be the least expensive retaining wall material; and they are often easier to install than traditional retaining walls, which allows our clients to save money. We take great care in selecting boulders that best work within your landscape’s design, and position them in a manner that both guarantees the greatest visual effect, and that best aids in preventing erosion. A practical-yet-captivating landscape addition, a boulder retaining wall is a great design element that provides its own rustic charm.

Walkways and Patios

Beautifully designed, well thought out walkways tie the various elements of your landscape’s design together to create a cohesive whole. As such, walkways shouldn’t just be seen as a way to get from point A to point B, but rather as distinct design components that deserve careful consideration in their own right. Walkway options run the gamut from simple gravel paving to elaborately-designed decorative stones. Depending on what kind of ambiance you’re trying to develop for your landscape, we can achieve the desired walkway results. This warrants careful consideration, as walkways are connection points between the various elements of your design. Patios are another feature that works beautifully within a landscape design, and which can be constructed to work in tandem with your walkway configuration. Using the same material you select for your walkways, a well-designed patio can act as a lovely resting area that adds beauty to your design; they’re also great spaces for entertaining family and friends. Alfresco by Paul Burd’s expert staff is fully equipped to design and implement walkway and patio solutions that use materials complementary to your landscape design, creating a sense of unity and balance that makes a real difference.

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