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Fire/Water Features

Water Features

Water features add a sense of elegance and tranquility to any landscape. Fountains, waterfalls and ponds are all examples of water elements that can be integrated into your home’s presentation; they can turn any area into a place for contemplation and relaxation.


Fountains come in all shapes and sizes; the trick is finding ones that work best within your environment and the landscape design results you’d like to achieve. In some areas, a fountain makes for an appropriate focal point, while in others, one might better serve as an accent piece. Alfresco is happy to work with you to determine the style and size of fountain that will work best as part of your landscape design.


Ponds can serve as oases of calm within your landscape, and can work equally well as focal points or accents, depending on your preference. We can create a pond solution to fit perfectly within your landscape design.


The calm babbling and bubbling of a well-placed waterfall can provide a landscape with the perfect touch of peacefulness that encourages calm and repose. Waterfalls can work in tandem with ponds by keeping a constant flow going, which helps to avoid algae and other potential symptoms of stagnation; they can also stand on their own as design elements. We offer both formal waterfalls with a more designed, geometric look, or informal waterfalls, which replicate the natural beauty of waterfalls found in forested areas.

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Fire Features

Gathering around the fire with friends and family has been a cherished tradition for centuries. Alfresco continues this custom with the selection of fire features we offer, perfect for fostering gatherings on cool West Michigan evenings. Both fire pits and outdoor fireplaces enhance areas with their warmth and glow, and work equally well in tandem with water features or as isolated elements.

Fire Pits

Whether you want to entertain guests, cook food in the open air, or just enjoy the warm ambiance they provide, fire pits are versatile focal points sure to enliven any backyard. Alfresco is capable of constructing beautiful fire pits that both complement new or preexisting outdoor living spaces, or which are capable of standing on their own.

Outdoor Fire Places

Outdoor fireplaces allow you to bring the warmth, comfort, and coziness of your living room to your outdoor living space. Alfresco has the ability to create beautiful, high-quality outdoor fireplaces that complement new or preexisting outdoor spaces. Equally suited for a cool summer evening as a crisp fall night, outdoor fireplaces allow you to take full advantage of West Michigan’s natural beauty.

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