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Irrigation Services

With an irrigation system from Alfresco, have peace of mind knowing your home or business will always be in exquisite, presentable, condition. Our goal at Alfresco is to provide professional installation and maintenance for your irrigation systems, ensuring your landscape continually stays healthy and appealing year-round. No longer worry about how long, how much, or how often watering is needed; sit back and let us take care of the entire process.

Why You Need Irrigation

As we all know, keeping a beautiful lawn can be a tedious process, especially in West Michigan. There are many variables to consider when maintaining a fresh lawn, such as varying weather conditions, over-watering, under-watering, and uneven watering. The right irrigation system ensures a healthy lawn consistently throughout all seasons of Michigan.

When Irrigation Is Best

In most cases, irrigation should be done early morning, just before or after sunrise, to better ensure proper nourishment and even growing. The early morning hours tend to be cooler and have less wind than later in the afternoon. Because of this, you can expect less evaporation of the water spraying in the air, leading to less waste and greater coverage, faster, rather than having to run the system longer, which increases water bills. Watering in the morning also ensures proper drying time, preventing fungus and other horrible diseases.

Why Choose Us

Alfresco has years of experience installing, servicing, repairing, adjusting, and monitoring sprinkling systems. Our experts at Alfresco custom design each and every irrigation system specifically to establish optimal conditions and layout around your property. We have state of the art systems designed with perfect optimization, determining the right frequency and amount of water you need, saving you money on electric and water bills. Once we install your system, your landscape is aerated and fertilized, you can relax and enjoy the artistry you just created.

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