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Landscape Design

You’ve long dreamed of what your ideal landscape would look like. Wouldn’t it be nice to finally have spaces for entertaining family and friends, or for enjoying nature in peaceful contemplation? By working with Alfresco, any landscape design ideas you’ve had over the years can now become a reality. Paul and the design team work with each client on an individual basis to develop landscape designs that are perfect for each person’s preferences and their singular environments. The design team staff work to create plans that integrate design elements that also enhance the natural beauty of the area with the vast knowledge that is acquired through years of experience in the field. Alfresco’s signature designs have helped cultivate a well-earned reputation for excellence throughout West Michigan; unparalleled mastery of design and commitment to only the best craftsmanship will be fully evident in the landscape design we create for you.

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The first step toward achieving the landscape of your dreams is sitting down with a member of the design team to explain the goals you have for your property. During this initial phase, clients discuss their landscape desires, must have elements, and hopes; a process that helps the designer determine the best course of action for executing and implementing those requests. An Alfresco designer visits every space the team intends to work on allowing for a better understanding of the clients’ desires, unique property features that could require special consideration, and requirements to achieve the intended results of the design plan.

Pen to Paper

After establishing the scope of the project with the homeowner, the design team can begin to put pen to paper, creating the designs that will ultimately result in a breathtaking landscape that is utterly unique. The design process is where Alfresco’s 20-plus years of experience in the industry truly shines. The illustrations detail every aspect of any job the Alfresco team plans to undertake and serves as the blueprint that accounts for every element large and small. The level of craft employed in any landscape design is apparent in every illustration created and are beautiful art pieces suitable for framing.


Once the design for your landscape is drafted, it’s time for Paul to share it with you for a final review. At this stage, both you and the designer go through every aspect of the proposed design with a fine-toothed comb to ensure that every element on the page matches up with the intended final result in the landscape. Any revisions or changes to the design are made during this stage. Once both parties are satisfied and you have signed off on the final design choices, the landscape of your dreams is that much closer to becoming a reality.


We specialize in landscape designs that enhance the natural beauty of your area. The photos speak for themselves.

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