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Seasonal Color

Quality planting services can infuse any landscape with vibrancy and life in ways that nothing else can. Much as a few brushstrokes can add the perfect finishing touches to a painting, carefully considered plantings can be just the thing that truly ties your landscape together. Alfresco’s staff has garnered extensive planting experience, and possesses the necessary knowledge to implement a program that yields the most beautiful final product. We offer a wide variety of planting services, including flower bed design options, flower options, annual color options, and a wealth of container options. Just imagine: a beautifully designed landscape, punctuated by brilliant bursts of color provided by a carefully selected, thoughtfully presented array of flowers. This could be your view, with a signature design created by Alfresco.

Flower Beds

Well-constructed flowerbeds populated with a carefully curated selection can anchor a landscape with vivacious color and effervescent aromas. Alfresco designs flowerbeds based on the specifications of each individual client, taking great pains to select flowers that will complement the landscape and materials that can be incorporated with any other component of constructed outdoor design. Alfresco specializes in developing creative, engaging ways to include flowerbeds within a landscape design. For example, a multi tier retaining wall configuration can feature new varieties of flowers at every level, creating a gorgeous scene that engages the eye.

Annual Colors

Our annual color service provides you with a selection of flowers that are sure to vitalize and invigorate your landscape. We take great care and consideration when determining which flowers to use within a landscape, and how their use can function as color accents, drawing the eyes to certain areas. Annual colors also work to show the changing of the seasons. By determining a schedule that takes full advantage of seasonal colors, your landscape can have a perfect appearance for any time of year. Annual colors that take advantage of the flowers native to West Michigan and the Grand Rapids region is an option for those whose landscape is designed with a more natural aesthetic. Whatever your needs may be, the addition of annual colors to the flowerbeds and containers of your landscape is sure to bring even greater beauty to your landscape design.


Flower and plant containers can be incorporated within any landscape design, adding accents, colors and textures that can really help an area come alive. Alfresco by Paul Burd offers a wide variety of container options, allowing us to better match and integrate pieces within your preexisting landscape design. We can also utilize containers that you can provide to us, if you prefer; we’re happy to accommodate any container-related needs you may have. The rotation of containers can help add variations to your landscape design; when coupled with the use of seasonal flowers, this creates an almost endless set of options for keeping your property fresh. Paul Burd and his team are more than happy to assist in selecting and incorporating containers within your landscape.

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