Lawn Care Tips That Keeps Your Yard Vibrant and Lush

To some, lawn care is a chore that is pushed to the end of the to-do list. To others, lawn care is a delicate art that keeps yards flourishing for the enjoyment of the homeowner and neighbors alike.

No matter how you view lawn care, you can follow these simple tips and best practices to keep your lawn looking healthy and to make the most of the summer months outdoors.  

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Lawn care tips that will bring your grass back to life.

  •         Choose grass seed that’s right for your lawn.

You may think any type of grass seed will work in your lawn. But the environment of the lawn greatly affects the growth and wellbeing of grass. Some need wetter conditions. Others grow fine in drier climates. Some can’t handle the colder and varying temperatures we face in the Midwest. For your lawn, within our beautiful state of Michigan, consider Kentucky Bluegrass.

  •         Leave lawn renovations and seeding for the fall.

Fall weather presents the perfect recipe for successful lawn seeding: Cooler temperatures plus plenty of sun and rain helps seeds germinate before hibernating for the winter. Seeding is simple with the right preparation and watering. Then when spring and summer come, your fall work will shine beneath your feet.   

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Maintaining a stunning lawn — simply.

  •         Cut your grass to the most-ideal length.

Grass that is cut too short is susceptible to weeds and disease. Grass that is left too long provides a habitat for pests and critters. Learn the most-ideal length for your grass. Kentucky Bluegrass, for example, is best maintained at 1 to 3 inches.

  •         Vary your mowing pattern.

When you mow your lawn with the same pattern each time, your mower’s tires will wear down a path in your grass. So get creative. Change up your mowing pattern each time you undertake this routine lawn care task.

  •         Leave some grass clippings.

There’s a whole ecosystem of living things and valuable nutrition in your lawn’s dirt. These aren’t of the pest variety — these are what help your lawn grow and prosper. When you leave some grass clippings behind on your lawn, you’re helping give back some nitrogen to the soil that is necessary for your lawn to maintain its magnificence.

  •         Pull weeds so they won’t come back.

Roots matter. When you pull weeds, be sure you’re pulling up the whole weed, otherwise it will continue to grow back. The best and easiest way to fight weeds, though, is a thick, healthy lawn.

Lawn care doesn’t have to be a constant struggle. If you follow these best practices, caring for your lawn can be a fruitful endeavor. Or, if you’d rather let the professionals handle it, call Alfresco for a free lawn care quote!


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