What Water Features are Right for Me?

There are as many different kinds of water features as there are landscapes that can house them. While the variety of features gives you an almost endless amount of choices, the vast amount of options available can be overwhelming. There’s no one right water feature answer for any given landscape; but by considering aspects of your design, we can work to decide on a solution that will complement what you already have in place.


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Fountains range from classic designs to modern, ornate to sleek. You should consider the installation of a fountain in relation to the landscape design choices you’ve already made. A fountain in the classic Greek style would look jarring in an environment that favors sharp geometric shapes, jut as an abstract fountain made from obviously artificial materials will look out of place next to soft, curved design elements.


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Ponds can vary from very small accent elements to large bodies of water that become the focal point of a landscape. The size of your property will be the best determining factor as to what kind of pond will work best for you. Consulting a professional to determining the best course of action is encouraged.


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Waterfalls can really add that final touch that makes a yard a rest and relaxation destination. One thing to think about regarding the installation of a waterfall is your preexisting landscape design. If your yard goes up against a rustic wooded area with a large amount of tree cover and natural vegetation, an informal waterfall that replicates the feeling of the great outdoors might be the solution for you. But if your landscape is more manicured and precise overall, a formal waterfall constructed from carefully cut stones could be a better fit for the established tone of the landscape.