The Must-Knows of Residential Landscape Design

It can be tricky figuring out what to focus on when you’re set to overhaul your landscape. The list below provides must-know considerations when you are planning your next residential landscape design project.

1. Size Matters

Decide on what kind of landscaping company you’ll need to get the job done. A lot of land might require a larger firm. However, if strong attention to detail and high quality of work are important factors to consider in your landscape design, we recommend finding a smaller local firm. We take pride in turning our clients’ patches of land into the utopian landscapes that they’ve only dreamed of living in.

2. Climate Control


What is your landscape’s geographical climate like? What is the environment surrounding your home like? Precipitation, humidity, and temperature are factors to be considered when plotting your next landscape design.

3. Family, Pets, or Guests?

Who is going to be roaming around in your new habitat? Do you find yourself hosting events with guests often? Will there be pets or young children playing nearby to consider? Keep in mind who is using the space and how they will use it. Ensuring that your landscape is designed for both aesthetic pleasure and functional use will make your outdoor experience all the better and more rewarding. For more examples of outdoor living spaces, check out some of the landscape design we’ve executed for our clients.

4. Go Green

Know the pros and cons of going environmentally friendly with your landscaping. For example, at Alfresco, we only use 100% organic fertilizers and weed control solutions. It’s much safer for pets and children. If you’re hiring a landscape design firm, be sure to ask about any chemical treatments they plan on giving your lawn or landscape.

5.  Style is Key


Do you have some general ideas about your aesthetic leanings – are you a minimalist? Do you like extravagance? Do you want a bohemian vibe, or modern look? Share your thoughts with your landscape design team, and they’ll help create a garden or space that reflects you best. Here at Alfresco, we are extremely passionate about the conceptualization phase of each project. That’s why Alfresco’s owner, Paul Burd, prefers to sit down with each client personally and sketch out potential landscape designs for their homes. Click here to see some of Paul’s sketches.

Do you have thoughts or concerns about your next landscaping project?

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