Tips for Choosing a Snow Removal Company


Are you aware of everything included (or not included) in your snow removal contract? Before signing the legal documents involved, don’t forget to discuss these essential matters with your chosen snow plow company:

#1 Clearly Define All Expectations

 snow removal contract

It is the responsibility of everyone involved to know what is and is not included in the contract.

Are all parts of the property covered for plowing/salting, or just the driveways/parking lots?

What about sidewalks?

What are the minimum accumulation standards?

The considered company should be clear and upfront about all aspects of the job, but always check the paperwork to make sure it lines up with discussions on the matter.  

#2 Consider Unpredictable Weather

 snow removal contract

Weather patterns all over the country have become increasingly erratic in recent history, and this winter will be no different. Make sure your snow removal contract accounts for these by outlining all extra charges that may arise.

Will your provider require extra compensation for serious blizzards that far exceed the average snowfall?

Will they have to extend their time past the designated plow time set out in paper?

And what about dangerously low temperatures– does your contractor still guarantee plowing services below zero degrees Fahrenheit?

#3 Discuss- and Debate- Liability

 snow removal contract

If there’s one thing you should take away from a snow and ice removal agreement, it’s making sure you know who is liable for possible damages or conflicts.

Who takes responsibility if your sidewalk is damaged by a scraper?

What if your spouse, or a walking passer-by, slips and falls on an ice patch that was under-salted?

Be honest, and make sure to define areas of your property with pre-existing damage, such as a cracked curb or damaged landscaping, so this doesn’t arise as a liability issue for your provider. Also read their policies thoroughly, and don’t be afraid to ask questions about their stances on certain liability issues.

Discussing this with you snow plow contract provider is the most crucial thing you can do to protect both parties and keep things as clear cut as possible between you and the company you’ve contracted.

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