How Much Snowfall Can I Expect This Winter Season?


The lake effect never fails to give West Michigan record-breaking snow falls. Read along as we break down the 2019-20 winter season, and sign up below for a free estimate.


El Niño vs. La Niña

El Niño and La Niña refer to the two opposite weather patterns that occur due to fluctuations in temperature between the ocean and the water surface above. El Niño is considered the warm phase while La Niña is considered the cold phase. These temperature deviations have a major impact on climate and temperature.

This year, El Niño is predicted to occur, and that’s good news for us in West Michigan. El Niño brings West Michigan warmer and less harsh winters, while its sister brings colder and heavier snowfalls.

With El Niño present, surface water temperatures have been warming rapidly in the past month. We can expect warmer than average weather in Michigan by the start of the year, with considerable snowfall. Storms in the Great Lakes also impact the strength of La Niña. Be sure to keep an eye on La Niña’s progression as the winter season approaches.

For a quick quick run-down on El Niño and La Niña visit MLive’s video report here.

Stay Prepared

Pretreatment is a must this season. With the aid of anti-freezing chemicals, you can keep black ice or frost from building up on your pavement. Doing this also maintains the traction on your sidewalks and driveways before a storm hits.

Here at Alfresco Landscapes, we’re offering customers pretreatment services, season-long snow plowing, and a free estimate this 2017-18 winter season. Call (616) 438-0725 or sign up below to get on our list before the rush.